Mozzafiato Venice!

We left the cold and damp climate of Scotland and headed to Venice, Italy. Where else in the world can you arrive at the airport and be whisked away to a major city on a water taxi. At the  airport, there is a pier where hotel taxis, private boats and public water taxis wait to greet new arrivals.



LaGare on Beautiful Murano

From the moment you arrive at the Venice airport pier, the beauty of the Venetian lagoon, the gorgeous boats and Venice off in the distance consumes your attention.



Approximately 20 million tourists visit Venice every year but surprisingly this number does not put Venice in the top 10 or even top 20 most visited cities in the world.  However, when you visit, it doesn’t feel that way.  The number of tourists can be overwhelming, and you begin to understand why locals have expressed concern about the number of vistors causing detriment to this stunning city.

Venice is an outside museum, if you will, and a place where it is treat to stroll and check out the gorgeous architecture, canals and gondolas.  And it is an easy city in which to get lost given the maze of narrow streets and alley ways, but this is part of the charm of Venice.  Forget the gondola ride, strolling around the city is the best way to check out the sights.  Taking photos alone is great fun for both amateur and professional photographers alike, and with every corner, it seems there is another fabulous photo opportunity.  And yet, somehow, the photos do not seem to reveal the true beauty of the city.  🙂





Venice is the most romantic place in the world but it’s even better when there is no one around.”- Woody Allen.   Given the amount of tourists even in May and June, it can be a challenge finding a spots without a sea of tourists.  But for our 19th wedding anniversary, we found a “Venice” with no else around.  Murano is a lovely island located in the Venetian lagoon with Venetian architecture but without the tourists. We stayed at a wonderful hotel, LaGare, on Murano which is a short vaporetti ride to Venice.


Little to no tourists (especially in the evening) and a short, fabulous vaporetti ride to Venice, Murano is a special place.


Glass Museum on Murano


Trying out the filters on our new camera.

After strolling around Venice and Murano for a few days, we are biking from Venice to Porec, Croatia thru Slovenia.  Watch this space for updates on our biking experience.


6 thoughts on “Mozzafiato Venice!

  1. Anonymous

    Love the pics. We were there in October, early 90’s, and experienced acqua alta! Water a foot and a half deep in the piazzas. Congratulations on your wedding anniversary! –Karen

    P.S. My last day of chemo today!


  2. I agree with everything you said. We went there for our 35 anniversary almost 10 years ago, it is the most beautiful romantic place I have ever been. And you are right pictures although yours are great do not do it justice. I look forward to going back one day.. ENJOY BE SAFE and all my love to the both of you..

    Liked by 1 person

  3. jane hill aka mah

    I agree with Woody Allen, Top on my list.. Did you get a gondola ride…… Safe travels I look for “notifications ” everyday. hugs Jane aka Mah

    Liked by 1 person

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