La Condesa, Mexico City

Keeping it brief today.  Two words to remember for Mexico City (CDMX), La Condesa (The Countess).  Mexico City is a large, densely populated city with a lot of people and traffic.  La Condesa is an oasis of calm amid the madness- a beautifully, green barrio teaming with restaurants, coffee shops, bars and an old race track (referred to as the Hipodrome) that is now a walking or running path used by locals. In our opinion, La Condesa is the perfect place to stay when visiting Mexico City.  And if your passion is art deco architecture, there is much to see here as well.

Beautiful Parque Mexico in La Condesa



Avenida Amsterdam has a beautiful path that is a loop and great for walks or running.


Street vendors were prevalent selling authentic Mexican food.
We loved Avenida Amsterdam and the Hipodrome- a loop so it is virtually impossible for visitors like us to get lost and mature trees all along the path.

After about 3 months in some developing countries of South and Central America, we really enjoyed the simplicity of a daily run, a walk to a coffee store and cooking dinner in our Airbnb rental that went much better than our Airbnb rental in Nicaragua.

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