Dirty Secrets, Dirty War

Here is another good book for those interested in understanding Argentina’s dark history, and specifically, the Dirty WarDirty War from 1979-1983.  Dirty Secrets, Dirty War: The Exile of Robert J. Cox is the story of Robert Cox, the editor of the English language newspaper, The Buenos Aires Herald, during this time.  It is a biography written by Cox’s son so it offers a single perspective and one that is biased for sure. However, it provides a lot of context around the politics of the time in Argentina as well as details of an extraordinary human-rights crisis that is well worth understanding.  The Buenos Aires Herald was the only newspaper in the country that defied government censors and wrote about the heart wrenching stories of the “disappeared”.  Incredibly, Robert Cox risked his life and safety of his family for years to be one of the few voices to make the atrocities known within Argentina and around the world.  Ultimately, his defiance forced his exile.

The book can be a bit repetitive in spots, and the information sometimes feels a bit disorganized, but the story is gripping and the heroics of Cox make it a compelling read. This is a war that needs to be understood and remembered.

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