The Glass Palace

A friend recommended The Glass Palace when we were out to dinner this past glass palacesummer, and we were talking about what books should be on the reading list for our travels.  And when I put out the plea for book recommendations, she reminded me of this book, and I am glad she did.  It is a great read.

The historical fiction novel covers a large geography including Thailand, Burma, India, Malaysia and Singapore. The novel weaves in some interesting historical pieces of information:

  1. Burma’s royal family and how they were exiled to India by the British
  2. The impact British rule had on Burma versus India
  3. How WW II shifted power in Asia and the fall of the British Empire

What I enjoyed more about the book were the characters and relationships that developed and evolved, at times in depressing and surprising ways.  Yet, despite hardships and different priorities, some friendships lasted a lifetime.

The one downside is that the novel tries to cover so much ground- about 150 years worth of history starting around 1885-and it felt like some subplots were skimmed over.  Nonetheless, a great read for those interested in historical fiction about these countries or just a great story about a individuals and their families struggling to live and survive at a difficult time in history, especially for Burma and India.


6 thoughts on “The Glass Palace

  1. Will get both of these books. I finished the Rent collector which was fabulous, I am now reading Under the Banyan Tree. I will write the two of these down. Love books that have a story but also has real history in it. Thank you BE SAFE and Love you both.

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  2. Gita

    The Thiebaw palace where the Burmese royal family lived in exile is in Ratnagiri onthe Konkan coast, a four hour drive from Pune, . Ratnagiri is north of Goa. Sadly the palace is in ruins with neither the Indian or Burmese govts interested in its upkeep.


  3. Gita

    The Thiebaw palace where the Burmese royals were exiled to is in Ratnagiri …a 4 and half hour drive from Pune. Its on the Konkan coast north of Goa. Sadly the palace is dilapidated with both the Indian and Burmese govts showing no interest in its upkeep.


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