Plucking a Pearl from Oyster Bay

“With nowhere to go but everywhere…”, we left the desert and headed for the coast, specifically to Oyster Bay, 300 klicks away.  Our course weaved through a set of dramatic canyons, more ostrich farms, wine farms and finally ended in a painful, but beautiful, 25 km stretch of dirt road that intersected countless dairy farms and deposited at the end of the earth.

A Garden Route Post 4a

We stayed at a small lodge, Oyster Bay Lodge, in Oyster Bay on a gigantic estate with 3.5 km of deserted coastline.  The property was stunning and just the place to hang out for a couple days and enjoy the gorgeous scenery. There were more trail runs with the birds in the morning, picnics on the beach and cribbage in the afternoon.  (We still need to play the rubber match.)

IMG_1672IMG_1667IMG_3337IMG_3333IMG_3291 (2)IMG_3323IMG_3321IMG_3334IMG_1700

After a couple days in Oyster Bay, we continued along to the coast making it to Knysna for a few nights. Plettenberg Bay, Knysna, Wilderness and George are all big holiday destinations with incredible coast lines, beaches filled with Great White sharks and forests filled with mountain bike trails and epic multi-day treks, including the world famous Otter trail and shorter Dolphin trail.  We were not equipped for either trail so we may have to come back one day!  We opted for a few other shorter day hikes at Tsitsikamma National Park and Goukamma Nature Reserve.  Both beautiful spots.

Tsitsikamma is well known for its suspension bridge trail as well as its waves (which are one of the most photographed spots in the country).


Goukamma was much smaller but no less spectacular.  We went out for a 2-3 hour hike and saw only 2 people the entire time.

Hand operated ferry to trail head


Just us for miles

The highlight of the Knysna area was the Heads  – the stunning outlet for the Knysna river. There was a bit of rain and wind when we were visiting which was a much appreciated break from the desert conditions over the last week, but it prevented us from our plans to see the Heads from a kayak.  But we were not too disappointed as the view from the cliffs above were fantastic.


We are moving on from the coast again and are off to the winelands next.



5 thoughts on “Plucking a Pearl from Oyster Bay

  1. Wow Wow and 3 times Wow…….. I missed it but can hear the roar and feel the mist……….. A return visit for sure………. What was the animal on the ROCKS … furry but not a SEA creature ?? .. it looked like a leg although could have been a flipper. seal ,,, otter…???
    If you only knew HOW many wait for your post………… the Cliff views were spectacular…….. a suspension bridge and the on time FERRY . it just goes on and on…


    1. CHILL

      Nice. One day we are going to grow up and buy a real camera but for now the scenery is compensating for our hardware. Glad you enjoyed. This country is beautiful.


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