Roaring Waves and Stunning Views in Cape Town

We are winding down our three weeks in Cape Town and heading out on the Garden Route here in South Africa.  At times, it has felt like most of Europe and Johannesburg are here in Cape Town.  Indeed, hundreds of thousands flock to the city for great weather and holiday revelry every year. Restaurants, parks, and tourist spots have been absolutely jammed.

Besides the city’s history, the stunning scenery and not packing for three weeks, we will miss one of the best running routes that we’ve ever experienced.  Our route wound through the  Green Point Park and along Seapoint’s waterfront promenade.


Green Point Park connects to the waterfront promenade which runs from the V&A Waterfront thru Green Point, Sea Point and Bantry Bay.   Along the promenade (the pictures do not do it justice), you can hear the ocean roar, watch waves crashing and experience  stunning views of Table Mountain, Signal Hill and Lions Head.




Every day, a wonderful mix of people were out enjoying the park running, walking or biking.  There are also cruising bikes that are rented in various locations along the promenade and in downtown.


It is heavily used by all ages.  We also found the park and the promenade to be very safe.  Like any big city, Cape Town has its share of homeless and with unemployment around 40-50%, I am surprised we did not see more homeless, but we ran it almost everyday we were here and were very comfortable.  If you visit Cape Town and enjoy walking or running along the ocean, I suggest staying in Green Point or Sea Point.  You could also stay in the V&A Waterfront, but be warned that it can be very touristy there.



Spending three weeks in Cape Town has been wonderful. And while we enjoyed the many sights and scenes of the area, we also very much enjoyed the simple pleasure of a lazy day with a run on the waterfront and a stroll to our local coffee shop.

One thought on “Roaring Waves and Stunning Views in Cape Town

  1. The good LIFE,,,,,,, as all vacations and Adventures should be. .. Happy New Years Susan and Chris……….. we are looking forward this week to Arctic air and ice still on the ground. Not your vacation destination. Hugs Jane aka Mom


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