Squeezing Down the Sangkae River

We left Battambang headed for Siem Reap on the Angkor Express –   a “modern” wooded boat that had seats for about 30 with room for another 15 or so on the top and plenty of room for bags of rice, boxes of beer, live chickens, cartons of cigarettes and  many other unidentifiable boxes and bags.

IMG_0324 IMG_0325 IMG_0329 IMG_0335

The passengers were mostly Westerners – German college students, English and Swedish gap year travelers, a couple photographers and some adventurous families. There were also more than a few local folks that we dropped off at countless floating villages where family members met the boat on canoes and transferred people and goods.

IMG_0361 IMG_0374 IMG_0339 IMG_0343

The boat also came equipped with a bathroom for the 7 hour ride which turned into an 8+ hr journey after some hairy negotiating of some narrow, unmapped streams that were seemingly too small for the boat. Our waterway was the Sangkae river which ultimately flows into the  Tonle Sap lake. Every rainy season (May to October), the main navigation routes change significantly depending on the flow and levels of the much larger Mekong River. This year’s route did not disappoint.

IMG_0334 IMG_0345

The pictures do not fully explain the experience. The boat squeezed through a water way just deep and wide enough to make it through. We were thrashed for an hour by  branches of dense mangrove trees and bushes, dumping leaves, twigs and bugs all over the boat and forcing us to hang in the middle isle of the boat. More than a few times were got lodged on the banks or bottom, but eventually we emerged, albeit a bit delayed.

The floating villages were amazing and prevalent throughout the day.  In addition to homes, they also include “convenient stores”, restaurants, crocodile farms, floating pigsties. They also included temples complete with buddist monks chanting their dharmas over load speakers for anyone on the river to hear (very surreal).

IMG_0363 IMG_0365 IMG_0372 IMG_0375 IMG_0377 IMG_0382 IMG_0386

Post landing, we had about a 25km dirt ride through rice fields to our hotel in downtown Siem Reap city.

IMG_0388 IMG_0390 IMG_0524

4 thoughts on “Squeezing Down the Sangkae River

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  2. Trip looks like you guys are having a great trip. Hope you get out of rainy season soon. It can be a mother but you know that. Keep the updates coming, I know it is a lot of work but we all look forward to them.
    Thanks stay safe
    uncle Dick


  3. Just amazed at what you are seeing and what a wonderful experience this is. Wish I was 20 years younger and a little richer. Oh and also a little braver. Be safe and love to both of you.


  4. A long day for sure……… and then the bike ride. A good thing you had all the inoculations . . What an adventure……… Do you see any older folk in the villages?
    keep peddling Hugs


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