Long Walk to Freedom- South Africa

During our early planning for our trip, we both decided that Capetown, South AfricaLong-Walk-to-Freedom-Mandela-Nelson-9780316548182-md should be on our spots to visit. It has long been on our bucket list; however, given its location, it was scratched off lists for shorter trips. So we booked a flat and look forward to visiting in the December/ January time frame

To get a bit more educated on the area, I downloaded a copy of Long Walk to Freedom, the incredible story of Nelson Mandela which begins with Nelson Mandela’s early childhood growing up in Transkei, South Africa. Incarcerated for twenty-seven years for his actions against the National Party, Nelson Mandela becomes the first democratically elected President in South Africa.

As a leader, freedom fighter, friend, he applied diligence and discipline to everything he did. There are many great quotes in the book, but one in particular, “It is what we make out of what we have, not what we are given, that separates one person from another”. Under the most adverse and brutal situations, Nelson Mandela never waivered from his core values and convictions.  His character was tested time and time again, and yet, he consistently chose the higher, moral ground including peaceful protests, wherever possible. Nonviolence was a moral principle and strategy Nelson and his colleagues subscribed to, for the most part, and they took great risks to achieve a democratic South Africa to provide equality to all in a country with prejudice and fear deeply rooted in the land.

The book is as much about the history on South Africa as it is about leadership, character, strength and overcoming fear.  This is a must read for all.  There is much one can learn from a truly remarkable man

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