Vietnam or Bust

We left the rain and exited Bangkok today.  We are heading to Vietnam via Cambodia . After a four hour van ride to get outside the city and a stop at the Big C (the Thai Fred Meyer), we made it to Rayong, along the coast of Thailand, and hopped on a couple bikes.


Today is the start of a 1200 km, 21 day bike ride to Ho Chi Minh City. It is about two and half days of riding to reach the Cambodia border where we will spend the majority of the time, hitting  a bunch of beaches and UNESCO sites. Cambodia is where the elevation is supposed to increase.

Cambodia CycleWe are headed out with Cambodia Cycling who will manage all of the logistics and bags so we will not have to worry about lugging packs, finding hotels, etc. so we can focus on the pedaling (about 18-105 km per day) and the sightseeing.  For now, it is Susan and me, a biking guide from Cambodia and a driver from Thailand in the sag wagon.  No one speaks each others language all that well, but we all love to bike and enjoy a cold beer so I think we will get along just fine.


Roads are broken, dirty and muddy so we will be doing it on mountain bikes-Trek 4500 hard-tail bikes. The bikes are well used and heavy – everything we expected  – so we will earn every km.  However, today’s ride was an easy, flat 40 km along the coast with a cooling tail wind in a bike lane (for most of the way).

Today was the first day in a week we did not get some heavy rain, but we timed everything perfect to align the next few days with Tropical Cyclone MUJIGAE. Good news… it looks like the storm may have been downgraded to HEAVY RAIN. All is good.

6 thoughts on “Vietnam or Bust

  1. I thought this was supposed to be fun? What part of this segment is fun? I’m glad I didn’t say I would meet you in this spot as much as I think it is very beautiful. Please be safe. Hope you keep us updated along the way.


    1. This is beautiful and fun but so is Italy!😃 Hope David and Barb are doing well. Look forward to hearing about Nicole’s trip to Seattle. Sorry we missed her and Teddy.
      Susan and Chris


  2. Stacey

    You guys are my heroes! Chris just got new handlebars on his bike- its now more like a beach cruiser :-)… Easier for riding along with the girls around Horn Pond… Priscilla’s birthday is Tuesday and she has asked for a “big girl” bike- no more training wheels!!… it’s on its way… We are making our own biking memories this year! Stay dry and safe if you can! xoxo


  3. another exciting page turner………. a cold beer and wind at your back……… the GODS are good to my traveling family … be safe ……. Think I will ride around lake today and enjoy the fall leaves……… hugs


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