Airing Our Dirty Laundry

In Thailand’s 80+ degree temperatures and 95-100% humidity, it does not take too long to blow through a bunch of fresh clothes. “Light packing” and our preference for a daily run does not help either.  It was not surprising when we started considering laundry only a few days into our travels.

We have found a few basic options for laundry on the road:

  1. Do it yourself – Not bad if you are traveling prepared. We typically have not gone this route in the past, and some of our friends know how much we like to bring along on our trips to avoid it. Humongous bags were not an option given the length and various locations we are planning to visit.
  2. Hotel laundry – An option, especially in SEA, but can be slow.
  3.  A laundry service – Asia is filled with them, and they are efficient and inexpensive.  This is a great option because we have found it takes 24-36 hours to dry anything this week in the hotel room with all the rain and humidity.

Like a seasoned diviner, Susan quickly located a laundry service in the corner IMG_1046alley around the block from our hotel in Bangkok, and she made a new friend. The relationship has blossomed over the last few days and created mutual euphoria for all involved with daily visits and commerce on one side and freshly cleaned ( wonderful smelling), folded garments on the other. At USD .30 cents per 2.2 lbs, we pay extra, and everyone is happy!

For those times when we will be doing it ourselves, we have found some handy items to throw in the bag:

  1. Tide sticks – The key to these is they help you  avoid laundry for a few more days.
  2. Soap tabs – Awesome 50 to a pack, and a couple will do the trick. Super small and light.
  3. Universal stopper – We cannot take credit for this one.  The traveling Irish folks recommended this handy item. A small chunk of rubber goodness.
  4. Clothes line – This one from Sea to Summit is very small with built-in hanging points.

5 thoughts on “Airing Our Dirty Laundry

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  2. laundry is always a problem……… I just took a wash load off dry clothes off the lines.. It has been 70 here today no humidity a good drying day.

    have you met more people on the bike trail………. Irish Friends ??? missed those comments be cool
    how are the resting accommodations on the trail….. a bed.. running water…….. sorry don’t know how primitive things are…..

    carry on………. enjoy the adventure Mom/Jane


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