Travel Hacking with Podcasts

PostcastWe are only a few months into exploring the “travel hacking” universe but have found some great sites and podcasts (If you don’t listen to podcasts, what are you waiting for?  Start with This American Life, Stuff You Should Know and Freakanomics).

But like a lot of things in life, one needs to filter out some of the silt and water to find the gold nuggets.  Here are some of our favorites:

Indie Travel Podcast – New Zealand couple traveling around the world for years.

Extra Pack of Peanuts – Another young couple that have traveled around the world for years and have a great perspective on a lot of spots.

Too Many Adapters – Some good travel tech recommendations and reviews.

Wander Mom – Great friends who traveled the globe for a year with two kids.

Go Curry Cracker – Friend from the Microsoft (MSFT) days. Traveling and living light, one spreadsheet at a time

Travel with Rick Steves – Old school but great Euro content.

More Podcast Below

These podcasts are a little heavier on the promotional side for folks working to support a digital nomad, location independent lifestyle but still plenty of good nuggets.

Nomadic Matt

Amateur Traveler Podcast

Zero to Travel Podcast

Travel Freedom Podcast

The Daily Travel Podcast

Tropical MBA

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