Our Favorite Travel Apps

From years of travel and months of planning for our big trip, we have come to rely on a number of apps while on the road.  Here is a list of some of our favorites. Let us know if you have other go-to travel apps!

  • Travel
    • TripIt – The best for keeping track of all those confirmation numbers and getting everything on your calendar.
    • SkyScanner – An aggregator that does a pretty good job including the low-cost carriers. We found a $200 ticket from Bangkok to Barcelona!  But it is not always the cheapest so look around.
    • Kayak – We use this one a lot for finding flights too.
    • Expedia – We try to book with these guys when the prices work. We have growing points.  Note: they have a special right now where they will give you 3x points when booking from the app.
    • AirBnB – We plan to spending many nights at AirBnB spots.
    • Trip Advisor – Great for planning and scoping out new areas. Reviews always seem to be pretty accurate.
    • Jetsetter – They have great deals on high end spots but they also sometimes have decent deals on lower end spots – especially in emerging countries.
    • Priority Pass – We use it to find out of the way lounges for AMEX users.
  • Communications
    • WeChat – I love their stickers!
    • WhatsApp – Everyone has it so you need to be on it.
    • Skype – Old habits are hard to break.
  • Financial
    • Mint – Another old habit – great for tracking and charting spend.
    • Amex – We like their app. Why doesn’t every app that requires a login support the Apple Touch ID API?
    • Wells Fargo, Merrill Lynch, Capitol One are key for moving and tracking the USD.
  • Misc
    • Trello – We love this service and app.  See our other post here.
    • Office Lens – Great for scanning docs and converting to PDF’s. Do not be fooled- MSFT still has the juice. We scanned all our docs, visas, passport, etc., etc. and put them in the cloud
    • Hola VPN – One of many VPNs to get you access to US content.
    • KEXP – Just because you are not in Seattle doesn’t mean you can’t have access to Seattle music!
    • My Data Manager – The best app for managing mobile data while traveling – to manage your local data plans or avoid roaming charges.  Also proof that if you BELIEVE and work hard, you can make good things happen.

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